Raheel Farooq

Trying to straighten the question mark!


I am Raheel Farooq. I am currently working as a schoolmaster in a village of Southern Punjab, Pakistan. This website is here to document some really special aspects of my life like aphorisms, Urdu poetry, blogging, voice over, etc.

My formal education is simple graduation as a private candidate. But what I am proud of is that a long record of teaching sciences and arts at even higher levels has always been to my credit. I have been tutoring post graduate students especially in literature and social sciences.

Voice is my art. Voice over is my part time profession. I have been working as an Urdu and Saraiki broadcaster in Radio Pakistan. Oral interpretation, that is the art of rendering literature in its fullest possible artistic and aesthetic integrity, was my first love.

Philosophy. It’s been the loveliest mistress of my soul. I’m not an avid reader, but I’ve studied philosophy with a passion to find something beyond itself. I first started chronicling my observations and findings in fewest possible words on a blog titled Quotations from the Unread. Now they are a part of this website.

Thank you.