Murphy's Law - The Corollary Quotes

Murphy's Law:

If anything can go wrong, it will.

Murphy's Law - Corollaries and Quotes


9/11 Suggested in Quran

Wordl Trade Center Destruction in Quran Coincidences are no proof of reliability in scientific and philosophical logic. But what if there is a myriad of astounding coincidences which not only appeal to your emotions, but also instigate a sense of wonder in your other complacent mind? Should not we, then, take these concurrences to have bearing upon some hidden, subtle regularity which may be beyond our intellectual grasp? Or are we too sure of the omniscience of our logics and dialects to leave room for any further improvement to our scientific orthodoxy?

Hard Time Getting out of Bed in Morning?

Dysania - Hard Time Getting out of Bed Today, I've found an amazing fact. It's a blessing. A good excuse always is, you know. But it's not an excuse. It's an ailment, a malady, a disease.
I'm a school teacher. Life is good in all aspects. I enjoy teaching, lecturing,impressing my students, everything. But there's a problem. I can't get up in the morning so that I could go to school and have all the fun!

50 Interesting Facts You May Not Know

40 Interesting Facts You May Not Know Life is all about recognizing how little you know. I wonder at people who learn something know and feel proud of their knowledge. Every new piece of learning indirectly teaches a subtle lesson that we don’t know, and can’t know everything. So, be humble when you’re blessed with a new lesson in life and take pride only when you’re generous enough to share it with as many as you can.