Hard Time Getting out of Bed in Morning?

Dysania - Hard Time Getting out of Bed Today, I've found an amazing fact. It's a blessing. A good excuse always is, you know. But it's not an excuse. It's an ailment, a malady, a disease.
I'm a school teacher. Life is good in all aspects. I enjoy teaching, lecturing,impressing my students, everything. But there's a problem. I can't get up in the morning so that I could go to school and have all the fun!
Alarms can never wake me. Usually, it's the duty of my wife, mother or any of the siblings to get me up in the morning. And I don't often listen to their calls and cries. So they have to shake me rigorously. This is the first time in the morning when I come to consciousness for quite a little while. In this fuzzy phase of consciousness, as soon I realize that they want to wake me up for school, I get violent. The perceptions are foggy, but at least I know that I should not get up. My body is fatigued, joints are stiff. And I argue, and scream and squabble. The school time is passed till I finally get out of my bed. Thanks to my headmaster that he lets me in an hour or so after the standard school time!
I've always be told that I'm the damn laziest person alive. There are a hell lot of curses from friends and family and myself that I keep receiving all the day. I've always felt guilty but had never thought it may be a medical disorder until today.

Dysania: The Problem

Today, I've found out that I'm suffering from Dysania. It is a condition in which the patient has hard time waking up in the morning and is sleepy even till a couple of hours or so later. They feel their joints stiff, body numb, mind foggy when they get up after a lot of trouble. In some cases Dysaniac people are somewhat violent in the beginning of their consciousness. Sometimes the sleepiness even retains till late in the evening.

The Causes of Dysania

As for the causes, it is mostly a psychological disorder. People who are confused, unsocial, or reluctant to face real life rigors often try to get an escape through it. Lethargy, fatigue or desperateness may also be some of the important reasons.

Cure for Dysania

You must consult some psychiatrist or medical probationer and share all the particular details of your story if you have a problem like this. However, there are some general recommendations that would not only help you cure Dysania, but also improve your sleep and daily conscious life.
  • Sleep fresh. Try to get rid of all the thoughts that panic your mind. Think of the pleasant things in your life. Memories, expectations, adventures... At night, always think wishfully, never critically!
  • What is the most interesting activity of your life these days? Schedule it first in your day so that you could start your day with the excitement!
  • Mind what you eat. Spicy foods may imbalance your hormones so that your mind has a tendency towards critical, negative and painful thoughts.
  • Help others as much as you can. Medical researches have testified that compassionate people have a more peaceful life than our grumpy guys!
Have a nice day, after the best sleep and sweetest dreams!


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